September 19, 2021 4 min read

For those hockey fans out there, they’ve probably been acquainted with the newest professional hockey team from Seattle – the Seattle Kraken. But for those who want to know more about the team, here’s a treat for you. This article provides you with all the things you need to know about the team – from its history, where it got its name, its logo, and so on. So, without further ado, here are all the things you need to know about the team.

A Short Background About the Seattle Kraken Hockey Team

Among the youngest team to join the NHL is the Seattle Kraken and is starting to play in the Pacific Division from the western conference within the 2021-2022 season. Seattle hockey history which dates back to 1917, started with the Seattle Metropolitans as the first name of the team. It is the very first American-based team that was able to conquer the Stanley Cup however eventually folded in 1924. The team only started to play again in 1975 after they have been given the go signal by the NHL. The team went through a series of obstacles such as bankruptcy, expansion fees, and other financial issues which hindered the team to play in a few series competitions.

seattle kraken team

In 2017, the authorities from the Seattle City Council issued the approval for expansion of the Seattle hockey team that is set through a rate of $650 million – the ownership of the company was led by Jerry Bruckheimerand David Bonderman. The next year, the application for the NHL expansion has been finalized, and the team was expected to play for the 2021-2021 season as soon as the arena renovation will be completed. The decision to continue with the expansion was further pushed through due to the increase in the number of ticket deposits for the team which amounted to 10,000 deposits within the first 12 minutes that it was listed.

How it got its name

The name Seattle Kraken was one of the choices in the list of names that were made public in the first quarter of 2018. There were a few other names that were considered before the name “Seattle Kraken,” however these choices had issues with their trademark hence the choice was narrowed down to just a few, and Seattle Kraken won the choice. “Metropolitan” was actually among the priority names to be considered since it gives honor to the original hockey team name however the inputs of those involved in the team favored the “Kraken” to be used for their team.

Also, its team president – Tod Leiweke aims to involve its fans in every decision that the team makes, which is why they launched the interactive portal in which all fans can make their suggestions, comments, and feedback about the team. Thus, the name Seattle Kraken which was also favored by the fans became the final choice. Unfortunately, it was not clear as to exactly who suggested the name “Kraken” although much presumption was aimed at Jerry Bruckheimer who directed the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” which has direct involvement with the name “Kraken.”

Seattle Kraken Logo Origins

As for the design of the team logo along with its colors, the team general manager’s opinions, along with Adidas – the teams’ official uniform partner, gave a contribution to its design. In addition, the colors were finalized after the suggested colors were loved by the fans.

seattle kraken logo

The logo had its challenges at the beginning since the owners and fans didn’t want the logo to be as fierce and monstrous-looking as its name. Furthermore, they didn’t want a caricature-like design out of the logo which brought them to very few choices to consider. The “S” theme in its logo, which is also the dominant design gives homage to the design of the first team.

The “Kraken” theme of this team makes one of the greatest mascots in the league. it greatly emphasizes the city’s rich history of seafaring and fishing. It also gives off an intimidating feel whenever the name is heard and it gives the team a boost of morale and confidence. The logo is designed to be sharp and pointed at its edges which shows that the creature is fierce, powerful as well dangerous, and not a force to be reconned within hockey.


One thing that Seattle Kraken fans as well as hockey enthusiasts look forward to the team is their clean record. Hockey enthusiasts, as well as fans, are rearing to know how the monstrous name would fare against its tough competitions. Considering that the team will also be playing for a playoff spot within its first season, fans are simply wanting to find out what happens out of the team.

The Seattle Kraken also drafted Matthew Beniers – a 2021 entry draft from the University of Michigan Center, who is quite a celebrity in the sport because of his two-way skill set which is considered to be among the best in the field. His performance in every game is at a different level. While he can make an effective defense against foes on the ice, he also executes perfect offense. Along with his skills, he is also set for the spotlight because of his excellent playmaking skills, exceptional mobility, scoring instincts, and great work ethic – traits and skills which are pretty much rare to find these days for the sport of hockey.

Whatever is the turnaround of the teams’ first game, they are sure to be loved by fans. Also, more reasons to love the team are to be expected during the inaugural season because the team is simply hard not to notice. Considering that they’ll be playing to get a playoff spot, they are sure to go through a lot of enemies in the game.

Nevertheless, the coming of the Seattle Kraken hockey team in the NHL is surely a spectacle to behold as it sets historical records and events in the state and even in the sport itself.