September 16, 2021 2 min read

It's clear that Ryan Donato has been able to make an impact on the ice while playing for multiple teams over a short period. He is not afraid of adapting, and in his case it really paid off as he was able not just graduate from AHL but also play at NHL level with the San Jose Sharks, Boston Bruins, and Minnestoa Wild.

Ryan Donato will have to compete for a spot on the roster with other players who are also vying for one. He has made it clear that he can crack an NHL lineup and last more than two seasons in this past year, but now there's no telling if Seattle wants him around anymore after those successes or not. In order words: Donato may find himself being pushed out of his current position by some hungry newcomers like Morgan Geekie (a rookie), Riley Sheahan (who was just traded from Pittsburgh) ,and Marcus Johansson .

The Seattle Kraken are lucky to have Donato on their team because he's been nothing less than amazing in his first three starts in the NHL. He hasn't played the top line yet, but when given that opportunity it would be no surprise if he continued producing at an impressive rate. With how well-suited Donatlo is against opposing bottom six forwards - who could also provide some offensive support from time to time - they'll definitely need him up there scoring goals and making key plays right away as soon as possible so expect more great performances like these coming from our new recruit very quickly indeed!"

Donato had a breakout season in the NHL with Bruins and immediately lit it up, scoring five goals while recording nine points over just 12 games. He impressed enough to earn him three postseason appearances that year! The following campaign saw Donat join another AHL club where he would finish out his contract before being called back by Boston for one more go round - this time around less successfully than previous years when he recorded 34 total points across 34 contest matches; which might not seem like much but considering how many players don't even reach 20 career game-playings these days? It speaks volumes about what kind of player we're dealing here.

The next season, Donato played for both the Iowa Wild and Minnesota Wild. He did well in each of his first 22 games but then went slightly downhill from there.

Donato is a player who has shown great potential in the past but could slow down over time. His play may not be as strong and he might struggle with laziness or comfortability once his initial outburst subsides later on during season four next year when they hope for him to produce at an even higher level than before.

His upside would be huge if those stretches of brilliance turn into everyday production though! Either way, the Seattle Krakenare lucky to have him.