Seattle Kraken Plush Catnip Cat Toys, Set Of 3

  • 3 Piece Catnip Toy Set: The cutest & most effective cat toys, bundled for your Seattle Kraken fan cat!
  • Quality, Performance, Durability, Excitement, Interactive Fun & more for Smart Kittens!
  • These Best Selling Catnip Toys include: 1) A Catnip-filled, Soft-Plush Jersey Toy with Team Name in vibrant Team Colors! 2) A Catnip-filled, Plush Hockey Puck Toy with Team-Logo & Cat Feathers! 3) A Catnip-filled, Plush Hand #1 Fan Toy with Team-Logo!
  • This 3-in-1 Cat Toy Set is PERFECT for cats of all activity levels.
  • No more boredom! The hockey shapes & Kraken team logo will inspire you to play with your cat too! How can you resist?
  • Our Cat Toys are compact & can fit in your purse! Perfect for traveling too!
  • Jersey Toy is 2x2", Hockey Puck 2x3" & #1 Fan Toy 2x3"!
  • Plush interactive cat toys have a strong, fragrance that makes cats excited, relieve stress; the inner catnip will intrigue your cat to throw & play! Keeping your kitty on her paws, alleviating boredom & loneliness! 
  • Officially licensed by the NHL 
  • Ships within 24 hours
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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